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Production records

Planning Production Records: Instructions for how to plan your production records before a meal. If your order guide is blank, try this.

Submitting + Printing Production Records: Instructions for completing and submitting your Production Records after meal service, and how to print a production record.

Ordering food from the central warehouse or a vendor

Ordering Guides and Warehouse Transfers: Instructions for placing an Order Guide for your daily food delivery, and instructions for creating a Warehouse Transfer for additional food or emergency paper deliveries from the warehouse.

Ordering Field Trip Meals: How to order food for a field trip through Titan.

Ordering Guide for Paper: How to create an order guide for your paper delivery in Titan.

Ordering Guide for Milk + Bread: How to create an order guide for your milk and paper deliveries in Titan.

Ordering Food for Breakfast in the Classroom: How to plan your production record for BIC; please reference the Order Guides & Warehouse Transfers section for how to place an order.

Receiving food from the central warehouse or a vendor

Receiving Your Delivery: Instructions for receiving your delivery in Titan.

Inventory management

Submitting Inventory: How to record your inventory in Titan.

Item Adjustment: Spoilage and Poor Quality: How to track food spoiled or damaged food you throw out.