Invite families to share a meal at your school to launch My Way Café

Transitioning to My Way Café is a big deal! Host an open house at your school allows students’ families to experience the whole, real, delicious food first-hand. 

We recommend three formats — email for details and to schedule. 

  1. Host a special supper for families
    1. Serve a full-service supper to adults and students in your cafeteria. Adults move through the hot & cold lines just like students do at lunch & breakfast. 
  2. Incorporate into an existing event
    1. Already planning a back-to-school night, but your cafeteria is occupied? We can provide samples of My Way Café food from a table somewhere convenient. 
  3. Invite families in during breakfast
    1. Welcome adults to join their children for  breakfast during morning drop-off. Adults and students move through the breakfast line together. 

How much does an open house cost?

As much as we’d love to offer meals for free, we charge a small per-plate amount per adult, and per child that eats outside of school hours. Rather than charging families, we recommend budgeting for the number of attendees you expect, and having kitchen staff keep track at the event so we can bill your school the correct amount after the fact. 

Our rates:

  • Adult supper: $4
  • Child supper: $3
  • Adult breakfast: $3

For events during which you will be doing samples off a table, but not serving full meals, we can offer food free of charge.